Eating in the Monasterio de Veruela

Eating in the Monasterio de Veruela

Vegetables, orchard products, game meat and many other things can be found if you choose eating in the Monasterio de Veruela. You will also try delicious traditional recipes from Aragón. Are you coming?

The monastery of Veruela (Monasterio de Veruela) is the great monument of the Moncayo forest. It is really close to many localities such as the Vera de Moncayo, San Martín de la Virgen del Moncayo, Trasmoz, Tarazona or Borja. What is different for eating in the Monasterio de Veruela is strongly linked to the environment and the presence of hunting. Every forest from the Moncayo is a great point of mushroom harvest in Autumn and Spring.

In addition, the restaurants of the area prepare other specialties of meat such as the roasted ternasco, grilled Chuletón, rabbit or chilindron chicken. The orchard of the Moncayo is characterised by its fertility and the harvest of  borages, chards, asparagus and various legumes that are usually prepared with pork meat.

If you like sharing dishes while eating, The Molino de Berola is your place to go. They will aslso offer you grilled meat.

Restaurante El Molino de Berola

When eating in the Monasterio de Veruela, the most frequent option to eat is going to the restaurants that are located in Vera de Moncayo, the town to which the monastery belongs to. La Corza Blanca is a restaurant located just in front of the entrance of the monastery on the other side of the road. Its specialty are grilled meats and local products among which they stand out the ones that come from hunting and seasonal products such as mushrooms from the nearby forests.

A bit forward, in the same road, there is the restaurant El Molino de Berola, another place that we would suggest for eating in the Monasterio de Veruela. It is an establisment of  of traditional food and seasonal products. It organises a special fair based on truffles and it focus its production on recipes that include it.

Restaurante La Corza Blanca
Restaurante El Molino de Berola

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