Eating in Isaba

Eating in Isaba

With a very complete gastronomy, eating in Isaba some recipes such as the migas de pastor or a mushrooms stew will delight you. If you are a cheese lover, this village will surprise you for sure. Are you coming with us?

The traditional gastronomy from the Roncal valley has a clear reflection on the kitchens of Isaba, one of the northern villages from the Pyrenees of Navarra. The cuisine is conditioned by the pastoral lifestyle of the area. The migas de pastor is one of the most common dishes from this town. The calf meat is the most popular, generally in the shape of large steak, sirloin or entrecôte. The lamb, pork and trout from the Esca river, apart from the hunting meat, also have a place between everything there is to eat in Isaba.

During the season, the surrounding valleys are filled of mushrooms, such as the perrechico, the boletus and the robellón. They can be prepared by themselves or with a meat stew. The valley is also famous for its cheese with D.O.P., made with pure milk from the breed latxa and rasa of sheep. The gastronomy from this region can be fully enjoyed during the celebrations of the valley, such as the Tribute de las Tres Vacas. Also, the occasion is perfect for a glass of basaka, an apple moonshine that is distillated in many municipalities from the area and that is a great ending for a meal in Isaba.

The Bar Kartutxo is perfect to have a drink and eat a small tapa.

If you want to discover more restaurants from the town, visit our “A la carte” section.

Venta de Juan Pito is a place that you should know if you want to eat in Isaba. This is a restaurant where you can find a family ambiance and a cuisine that follows the traditional recipes from Navarra. The dishes are always made with fresh ingredients of local origin.

Casa Tapia is a restaurant that serves homemade food, where traditional dishes from the mountains of Navarra are offered.

Also specialized in traditional food, the restaurant from the hostel Lola is one of the most recommendable places in Isaba. Homemade food made with autochthonous, fresh and seasonal ingredients.

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