Eating in Ribadeo

Eating in Ribadeo

Ribadeo is found to the north, bathed by the Cantabrian Sea. This is an important fact, since many of the dishes you can find in Ribadeo contain seafood. Everything is very fresh, straight from the ocean to your plate! There is a variety of restaurants and bars where you can enjoy the local cuisine. You should remember that nearly all of the places to eat in Ribadeo are located in the town’s lower area.

This fishing village is located on the border of the Principality of Asturias, separated by the Eo river. If you want to know what to eat in Ribadeo, we’ll tell you that you can find typical Galician and Asturian dishes there. Because it’s located at the Eo river and very close to the ocean, a prominent local food staple is seafood, such as clams, scallops, cockles, and oysters. At the region’s extensive beaches and marshlands work the fishermen, who bring the fresh product to restaurants in the area. There is an abundance of navajas, which in Galician are called longueirón, and it’s common to find at bars tapas and small portions of empanadas de navajas, which is the gastronomic specialty of the area.

As in other Galician towns, you can taste the famous pulpo a feira (in the Galician style) with the exquisite Patatas de Galicia, potatoes with denomination of origin. And don’t forget their soups, prepared with one of the star products of the region, the Faba de Lourenzá, certified with its own I.G.P. In terms of the town’s typical dessert, the nuns at the Convent of Santa Clara prepare artisanal sweets, many of which are based on almonds.

Casa Villaronta is a small tavern with a reduced menu (octopus, squid, lacón…), all of which is very good. However, you need to go early in order to be able to get a table.

The restaurant O’Tumbin Ponte Dos Santos offers large portions perfect for sharing. It’s ideal for groups and couples alike. Beer and tapas go hand-in-hand.

The offering of places to eat in Ribadeo is ample, and we will mention just a few of the more intriguing options. Since the town is situated on a slope, with numerous streets leading down to the pier and river, most of the local taverns and restaurants are located in the lower area of Ribadeo. The restaurant San Miguel, located in the marina, offers Galician market cuisine with Asturian influence. They specialize in seafood from nearby markets as well as meat and game from the mountains.

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