Eating in Tárrega

Eating in Tárrega

Located in the point where the river Ondara and the old Royal Way between Barcelona and Zaragoza meet, this scenario of rich history is currently known for the Fair of the Theater on the Street, one of the most important in Europe. Another attraction of this village is the gastronomy, as eating in Tárrega allows people to try delicious products such as the turrón.

Tárrega, the capital of the region of Urgell, has a culinary tradition based on traditional recipes and classical Catalan dishes. Their most representative dish is the Tangarino Cod, a local recipe made with fish and vegetable garden products such as the onion, apple, garlic and artichoke. The restaurants of the city offer all kinds of regional specialties such as the snails, hunting meats and rice stews, escalibada and cocas de racapte. The coca has its own celebration during the month of May, when a big fair is celebrated.

Regarding the desserts, the most famous are the Turrón de Agramunt with I.G.P. and the Albades, artisan cookies made of cacao, butter and egg yolk. Complete this gastronomic offer with the great wine products of the region, such as the D.O. Costers del Segre and the wine D.O. Cataluña.

If you are looking for tapas in a modern ambiance we suggest you to go to La Cova Bistró Català, a place where they serve delicious tapas and portions. On a slate board dish, the patatas bravas will delight you, as well as the chicken and the calamari.

Bar La Cova Bistró Català
Restaurante Juventud

An excellent place where you can eat in Tarrega is La Cava, which has a menu with a lot of variety and original dishes. It is a small place with a quick service. They have a delicious rice from the mountain and sea. If you order tapas, the pork cannelloni with shrimps will make you fall in love.

El Celler de l’Artista is a restaurant with an economical menu and a quality service. The decoration of the dishes is original and will, for sure, surprise you.

In Níam you will find delicious dishes made with Catalan products. You can try their daily or their tasting menu, but we recommend you to order a la carte. The desserts are also excellent.

If you like buffets go to the restaurant El Gat, a place that has good prices and tasty food.

Restaurante La Cava
Restaurante El Celler de l’Artista

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