Eating in Castrojeriz

Eating in Castrojeriz

If you want advice on what to eat in Castrojeriz -a town along the French Way to Santiago- you should keep in mind that although meat is the most popular choice, fish is also an interesting option. Although most of the bars and restaurants where you can eat in Castrojeriz are concentrated near the Way to Santiago route, the quality is terrific. Sometimes, less is more.

In this small town you will find products typical of Burgos like la morcilla de arroz (sausage and rice) and la morcilla castreña (roast), especially the suckling young lamb- or cordero lechal– that is cooked in a firewood oven and can be found everywhere. It is produced in the same way as el cochinillo– or the suckling young pig. Game meat is another traditional dish on Castrojeriz restaurant menus. They offer guisos de liebre (hare stew), deer and even wild boar from the area.

As for the fish, you can find trout from the nearby rivers. Castrojeriz is famous for their garlic, they even dedicate a popular celebration, la Feria del Ajo (Garlic Fair), which is celebrated during the month of July. This fair offers the opportunity to taste flavorful garlic soups. For dessert in Castrojeriz we recommend you eat el queso fresco de Burgos (fresh Burgos cheese). As for pastries, the carmel-coated almonds and cooked pastries, known as perrunillas, are typical here.

For a tapas bar in Castrojeriz, El Patio is the most welcoming option. Enjoy your tapas on its lawn, a quiet space where you can sample Castrojeriz.

When looking for a place to eat in Castrojeriz, two streets hold practically all the bars, pubs and restaurants of this small lively town: Cordón Street and Real Street. La Casa Cordón is a noteworthy restaurant that occupies a 16th century house of tourist interest and belongs to the Association of Roasters, bringing together the quality brand of Castilian and León cuisine. To eat a meal in Castrojeriz we advise a master grill: El Mesón de Castrojeriz.

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