Eating in Villaviciosa

Eating in Villaviciosa

Located 10km away from the coast, eating in Villaviciosa is a synonym of fish and fresh seafood. This village will enable you to taste the Asturian gastronomy and great cider. You will find many restaurants and bars to eat in Villaviciosa. You will definitely leave with a full belly and a happy heart.

Capital of apples, Villaviciosa is also the capital of the council that has the same name. It owns a great culinary tradition in which, besides meat, legumes and vegetables, fish and seafood that come from the sea and the tidal river have a big protagonism. Between the specialties you can eat in Villaviciosa, seafood paella, calderetas, grilled seafood, red sea bream a la espada, spider crab, razor shell, grilled or a la cazuela pixín (monkfish) are some options.

Many gastronomic journeys are organized here, devoted to the local products. The Jornada de las Fabes bring you the opportunity to try one of the best fabadas in the world, made with the Fabada Asturiana with I.G.P.. The Jornada de los Llámpares (limpets) is another occasion to get to know the maritime products and discover how they can be combined to create the classic dishes of the region.

Get to know the Mercado de Abastos, one of the few markets where the barter is used to pay for things, and learn how to serve cider in the Cider Party. This Maliaya (as the inhabitants are called) is one of the biggest suppliers of the most famous Asturian drink, the Asturian Cider with D.O.P.. Visit factories the where the cider is produced and taste the different flavors of the drink. If you want to get to know the production process better, go to the Festival de la Manzana. As a dessert, why not, a rice pudding, a Villaviciosa pie or an apple pie.

Some people classify the Fábrica del Chocolate as one of the best tapas bars in the region. The octopus with onion and the ham tosta with foie are amazing. It is located in the ancient center of the town.

The Taberna del Güevu offers a great tapeo. Enjoy their homemade pates, the crusty deer and the cod with manitas de cerdo. You can always share the portions and try different dishes. The Sidrería El Galéon is also a good place to eat portions.

You will find a lot of restaurants and cideries to eat in Villaviciosa. They are famous for serving homemade generous dishes, as in the restaurant Casa Milagros. They serve a daily menu and some dishes such as fabada, cachopo

The Sidrería Bedriñana won the Award to the best fabada in the world in 2014, between 41 other candidates. Perfect to eat a fabada as the main dish or for a tapeo with your friends.

The restaurant El Tonel is elegant and has great good. The grilled shrimp and the fillets with cabrales cheese are excellent dishes. Artichokes with cheese, marinade sardines timbal and boletus creme… We could talk about all of their plates without never getting tired.

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