Eating in Valdedios

Eating in Valdedios

Hidden in an unexpected corner of the Villaviciosa council, Valdedios maintains the spirituality and the monumental personality of the place. In order to eat in Valdedios you should know that fish and seafood are the most cooked ingredients of the region. There is only one restaurant in Valdedios, as the other closest ones are 9km away from here.

Valdedios is located in the council of Villaviciosa, and it is the town where the Conventín (a monastic combination of builidngs) has been built. This village is part of the Cider Region, which is now for its amazing gastronomy.

The gastronomic specialties from Valdediós are really similar to those from its capital, Villaviciosa, in which besides meat, legumes and vegetables, fish and seafood from the sea and tidal river are also very famous. Between the traditional dishes we find the seafood paella, calderetas and grilled seafood, red sea bream a la espada, spider crabs, razor shells, pixín (monkfish)… which can be grilled or a la cazuela. Multiple gastronomic journeys devoted to the excellent local products are celebrated here, such as the Jornada de les Fabes.

In order to eat tapas in Valdedios you will have to drive to Villaviciosa, where you will be able to find many taverns and bars where you can taste the typic dishes of the region.

The only restaurant of Valdedios is the one in the Hospedería del Monasterio, a place where you can order a delicious daily menu. They are specialized in stews of all type of meats (lamb, wild roar, roe deer, pitu caleya and fallow deer). Here you will also find the Tienda del Rinconín, which apart from being a shop and aliments baazar, is also a bar when you can have breakfast or just a drink.

The closest restaurants and bars are 9km away, in Villaviciosa. There you will be able to try the typical gastronomy of Asturias.

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