Eating in Tineo

Eating in Tineo

Eating in Tineo is a great culinary experience. Between their multiple products and typical dishes, such as the cheese, you will have the chance to choose from the great variety of restaurants and bars. Enjoy the Pincho Routes and other gastronomic journeys. You will love it!

Known as one of the biggest milk suppliers of the Principado, the village of Timeo is also famous for its gastronomy. If you are going to choose what to eat in Tineo you will realize that many of the Tinetenses recipes are made with pork byproducs, from embutidos (sausage) to meat. The classic pote is a stew made of fabes and cabbage and served with the traditional copango (chorizo and bacon).

Enjoy the products of the town in the Jornadas Gastronómicas del Gocho (pork) or take a walk arount the innovative Pincho Routes, where the restaurants ad bars elaborate delicious dishes with local flavor. The deer, wild boar and roe deer are combined with another products from the forest. Discover them in the Jornadas Micológicas of the council. Don’t miss the most popular dish of this region, the Choso de Tineo with I.G.P., a smoked embutido that aslo has its own gastronomical journeys. Apart from this dish you will also find a delicious Afuega’l Pitu cheese with D.O.P.. To complete this meal, have a cup of the great Cider of Asturias with D.O.P., produced in the region.

Finally, try the amazing Asturian sweets, such as the rice pudding, the frixuelos and the delicious honey straight from the hives. If you have the chance, don’t exhitate on going to the traditional vaqueirada, where past and present get combined on the table.

If you want to eat tapas in Tineo we recommend the Casina de San Roque. A small but charming place where you can order some squid. The portions have a good price. Its location if perfect to enjoy the nature.

La Fogaza is a cidery that, besides filling dishes, offers good homemade portions. Simple but tasty, its potatoes with salsa and the foie tostas with caramelized onion are great options.

The restaurant La Capilla de Merás in the hotel Palacio de Merás combines traditional cuisine with modern recipes in an exclusive environment. Between their tasty dishes we find the beans pote and the lamb stew. The daily menu is incredible. The place also has a patio for events.

The restaurant from the rural hotel Casa Alonso prepares homemade food, with products from their vegetable garden and a great service. A restaurant that will take you back to the old days. Artisan embutidos, coated cured meat, cabbage pote…  If you want to enjoy an old but great place, this is the right choice.

The Cafetería Alhambra has food cachopos and many other things. A simple cafeteria with great quality dishes. You can also eat tapas, combinate dishes, menu… The cachopo is their specialty, but you can also order other traditional dishes. A place you go into because you were just passing by it, but that will make you want to return for sure.

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