Eating in Llanes

Eating in Llanes

The incredible maritime village of Llanes if one of the main touristic points of Asturias. A walk through their beaches and streets will definitely make you hungry. Eating in Llanes will be the perfect ending for your visit, as their gastronomy offer is excellent, as well as their variety of restaurants and tapas bars.

The maritime village of the Asturian East, Llanes, has a great quality gastronomy offer. Between their earth products, besides de fabes or traditional Asturian beans, we recommend the verdina, a type of faba of a green color and smaller size, with a peculiar flavor. Another specialty you could try in Llanes is the pantruque (a corn flour dough, cooked with egg, onion and bacon) which is served with cocidos and fabadas. The corn tortos, of Mexican origin, show the indian past of many of the inhabitants of this village.

The sea products are numerous: red sea bream, monkfish, white seabream, baked sea bass, hake a la llanisca, sardines or grilled sea bass. Between the seafood, the bugres (lobster), spider crab and andaricas (crab). There is also great meat. Their barbecues are famous, with the lechazo and cabritu (kid), as the most famous, along with the chorizos and artisan blood sausages.

There are a lot of places where you can eat tapas in Llanes, and in all of the you could taste the delicious Asturian gastronomy.

El Balandro is a place with a beautiful decoration and a chill out style terrace. Relax in one of their sofas and enjoy a drink. The tapas here are great.

A typical place here is the Sidrería el Almacén, which is very famous in Llanes. Their croquetas and cachopo are amazing. The Carbonería de Pepe Cavallé is another cidrery speciallized in grilled food, with a rustic ambiance. The prices are cheap and you can enjoy their food in their wood benches.

Lastly, if you want to eat something different in Llanes, try Chibiski del Chilito. This is a Mexican restaurant where you will definitely feel at home.


There are a lot of restaurants in Llanes. El Cenador del Convento, in the hotel Don Paco, has a great reputation, and the dishes prepared by the chef Ángel Fernández have already become classics.

The seafood restaurant San Pelayo, in the outsides of the Village, has a maritime decoration and great, simple food that respects the flavors and values of the traditional recipes. Siete Puertas is also an excellent place, which is led by the chef Mario Lázaro. You could also drive 8km until Puertas de Vidiago to enjoy the 1833 rustic house Casa Poli, which offers traditional homemade food and their own artisan embutidos.

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