Eating in Pravia

Eating in Pravia

Its extraordinary preromanic temple and the beautiful monumental set make Pravia one of the most manorial towns of Asturias. Among its stunning architecture we find a gastronomy based on classical recipes. Quality products are the base for those recipes and together they creat excellent dishes. This is why eating in Pravia will be a pleassure for the visitor.

Pravia is located between Nalón and Narcea. It is the region’s capital and is known as the “Huerta de Asturias”. Its rich gastronomy is varied and delicious and it is composed by both sea and land products. One of the protagonists is the salmon and the Jornadas Gastronómicas del Salmón are a great chance to try it in all the possible ways: paté. caldereta, grilled, with sidra, or papillote (cooked in its own juice)

Walk by its streets and enjoy the local products shown in the Feria de la Faba, la Miel y el Kiwi. During this event you can try the dry fabes with which the classic local dish and the kiwi icecream are elaborated. This tradition is 30 year old. You can accompaign this menu with some cheese Afuega´l Pitu and with Sidra de Asturias. If you get the chance to be there during the carnival Antroxu don’t forget to try the sweet bollinas (with sugar and nuts) typical from that feast days.

If you want to eat something fast in Pravia such as some tapas to share, we suggest to go to Bar Iglesias. This place is amazing and if you are hungry ordering some dishes from the menu to share is a great idea.

Another great option is going to Casa Vila where it is really easy to share some raciones of typical products from the area. Its albóndigas and cachopinos are delicious!!

The restaurant Brisas Pravianas is manages by the granddaughter of the founder and it is more than 100 years old. It has a nice picnic lunch as in the old times and it is a reference in Pravia. Their calamari croquetas, tunna in sauce and mushrooms scrambled eggs are delicious! Of course its sidra and desserts must be tried before leaving!

A cozy restaurant with excellent servers: Mil Sabores. It offers quality food and always has a section of Chef’s Recommendations. Our own sugerence is to try the alubias con marisco (beans with seafood)

The fame of Sala del Buen Yantar is well deserved. They only make homemade dishes and they offer a degustation menu that is delightfull! Try the shrimps salad and the avocado icecream.

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