Eating in La Herradura

Eating in La Herradura

La Herradura is a small town in Granada belonging to the municipality of Almuñécar that has, among other attractions, beaches that are highly appreciated by both bathers and divers. Eating at La Herradura will put the finishing touch to the days of rest on its coast. If you want to know where … read on!

As a good coastal town on the Andalusian coast, almost everything that has to be eaten at La Herradura is closely linked to the fresh fish and seafood that is caught daily in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Thus, the kitchens of the local bars and restaurants are highly specialized in all kinds of recipes of marine aspect and taste, among which are all kinds of rice, sardines and other traditional stews linked to fishing life. At the time of eating in La Herradura it is also possible to find different regional specialties such as gazpacho, ajoblanco, migas, choto or different kinds of traditional sausages made from pork. The traditional Andalusian pastry, marked by the historical presence of different cultures in these lands, also has its reflection in the locality thus constituting the best option to finish eating at La Herradura.


If what you are looking for to eat in La Herradura is a good tapas place, Bola Marina is a very appreciated establishment both by visitors and by neighbors where a wide selection of tapas and rations is offered, always of good quality and remarkable quantity.


It is easy to find good places to eat in La Herradura. Nuevo Arenas is one of the best rated restaurants in the town thanks to a traditional style cuisine made with good raw materials and presented with classic success.

Another place to consider for lunch at La Herradura is La Tartana, a cozy-looking restaurant where a seasonal menu and Mediterranean style is offered. The offer is varied and is made from market products and quality contrasted. It only opens at dinner time.


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