San Vicente de la Barquera

The beautiful, small, prehistoric town

Belonging to the Natural Park Oyambre, San Vicente de la Barquera is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the Bay of Biscay. There is evidence of human habitation since prehistoric times. Specifically, they have been vestiges of the Bronze Age, as the megalithic site of El Barcenal. It is believed that here lived the orgenomescos Cantabrians. San Vicente has been identified with the Roman Portus Vereasueca.

Plan your stay in San Vicente de la Barquera

Visiting and things to do in San Vicente de la Barquera should take about half a day. Being one of the most popular Cantabrian coastal towns, there are many monuments cultural interest of this town. Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli, monument since 1931, is one of the most outstanding examples of Gothic religious architecture in Cantabria. We also recommend the former convent of San Luis, monument from 1992. You also must see the Castle of San Vicente de la Barquera, monument from 1985.


Practical data


43° 23′ 6″ N, 4° 23′ 55″ W


Santander 62 km, Comillas 12 km, Madrid 465 km


15 m


4344 (2013)

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