Hikes Around Spain that You Can Do in a Day

The weekends present the perfect opportunity to take advantage of nature and discover new places in Spain. A good option for filling your free days is to go on a hike that you can complete in a day. You can choose to walk among mountains and lakes, over boardwalks and bridges, and breathe the freshest air that you can find. We propose these hikes that you can do in a day.

Camino de la Angostura

The hike along the shore of the Angostura River is located in Rascafría, in the Sierra de Guadarrama. This hike is 17 km long, and you can do it on foot or by bike and cross through the Parque Natural de Peñalara. If you decide to take this hike, you’ll experience a magical spot in which the water is the main attraction: waterfalls, creeks, and streams. These give life to the forest and meadows that surround this trail, creating its own natural ecosystem.

You’ll see the Guarramillas and the Cerradillas streams converge with the Laguna Grande de Peñalara on this hike, which can take between 4-5.5 hours going one way, so make sure to save time for getting back.

Ruta Castro de Santa Tecla

This is a circular hike of 12.17 km. From the beginning of the hike in A Guarda, you can see lots of beautiful trails, which is one of the most valuable elements that make up this road. The ascent to Monte Santa Tecla is staggered and dosed, which it makes it ideal if you’ll have children with you. When you get to the top, you’ll find a castro with the same name as the mountain. This space is so important that it was declared a Historic Artistic Monument, being one of the best-preserved Roman Galician villages in the state. The castro, which is from the 1st and 2nd centuries AD, gives way to the great Miño River Estuary, where you can admire Portugal on the opposite shore as well as the Atlantic Ocean.

rutas para hacer en un día

The descent will take you to Camposanto, where you can see the maritime views of beaches and boats. To arrive in A Guarda, you have to cross a wooden walkway. It is estimated to take from 2-3.5 hours to reach this point of the Camino Portugués por la Costa.

Caminito del Rey

We highly recommend the Caminito del Rey, which is a unique, linear route that stretches for 8 km. You’ll find it in the municipalities of Álora, Antequera, and Ardales in Málaga. This route is different because it is not a trail with forests and abundant vegetation. In this hike, you’ll find a path with steep walls and high altitudes, making for breathtaking views. During the hike, you’ll find the Guadalhorce River and the El Chorro Guadalhorce, Guadaltebe, and Gaitanejo reservoirs.

One of the most important parts of this hike is the Desfiladero de Gaitaner, created by the Guadalhorce River in Álora. Here, there are some places that measure only 10 meters in width and 700 meters in depth. Despite being a hike with trails and walkways, it still offers vegetation in the form of thickets, Holm oaks, and eucalyptus. As for animal life, you might be able to see some mountain birds like the vulture or royal eagle.

Hikes That You Can Do in a Day

Ruta El Parrizal

Located in Teruel, this hike begins and ends in the village of Beceite. The first stretch will take you up to Pla de la Mina, later returning to Beceite, with the whole hike lasting around 4 hours. Those who decide to take this beautiful hike will find themselves gradually entering a landscape full of nature and life with magnificent landscapes.

rutas para hacer en un día

What characterizes this hike are the wooden boardwalks that cross beautiful, crystalline waters. However, this is not the only attraction. You’ll have the opportunity to see the cave paintings of the Fenellasa from the year 2,000 BC. There are a few difficult areas, but it would still be a good hike for children.

Ruta de los Lagos de Saliencia

Named the Reserva de la Biosfera in 2000, this Asturian Trail of the Lagos de Salencia has become one of the most well-known hikes in the country. One of the roads that runs through this landscape is 8.3 km long. Surrounded by lakes and mountains, it crosses the Negro, Cerveriz, and La Mina lakes as well as La Cueva and the Lago del Valle, which came from a glacier.

rutas para hacer en un día

One of the distinguished points of this hike is the Saliencia iron mine. Closed in 1978, this site gives the area its characteristic red color, bringing a magical touch to this great hike.

Ruta de las Xanas

Another day hike that you can do is the Ruta de las Xanas, which is also in Asturias. This hike, which is 3.7 km long, begins with a rocky path. You’ll first come upon the beautiful Proaza valleys, followed by the lush mountains. But one of the points that stands out the most on this hike is the mountain pass. You’ll have the opportunity to walk through these tunnels carved in the rock with the river below you and at a height of 80 meters.

The mountain gives way to the forest that crosses the Xanas River with a wooden bridge. This hike, propelled by large meadows, comes to an end at the hermitage of San Antonio in Pedroveya. To get back to the starting point, you’ll have to go back the way you came, enjoying the beautiful Asturian trail a second time.

Hikes That You Can Do in a Day

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