The Five Best Natural Pools in Spain

It seems that we can enjoy this summer until the end. Everyone knows the beauty of our coasts, however, something less known are the natural pools that are hidden in our diverse surroundings. We have selected five special hideouts that span the entire peninsula.

In the middle of the Jerte Valley, in a spectacular setting, you can enjoy numerous waterfalls, cascades and pools carved into the rocks, this area is known as Los Pilones. It is noteworthy that they have a circular path with posts that describe how to reach every area of the bath. Our lodging choice was Hotel Hospedería Valle de Jerte, a building full of history.

Garganta de los Infiernos

Las Chorreras, Cuenca

In the town of Enguídanos we can enjoy these natural pools connected to the Cabriel River, one of the cleanest rivers in Europe, which gives us crystal clear water perfect for bathing. This area is also notable for its great adventure tourism activities. It is interesting to combine this getaway with a visit to the Cuenca mountain range and the enchanted city, other wonders of nature.

Las Chorreras

Las Presillas, Madrid

In Madrid’s mountains, specifically in Rascafría, we find this charming site perfect to enjoy with the family, since it has picnic areas, a bar, bathrooms and parking. Of course, prepare yourselves for ice-cold water.

Las Presillas

La Fontcalda, Tarragona

In this site, between the mountains of Mola and Crestall, next to the Fontcalda Sanctuary, we find this natural pool with waters famous for containing magnesium sulfate, sodium chloride and calcium carbonate, among other qualities. A perfect bath for those most sensitive to the cold. To stay overnight, we chose to travel 45 kilometers to Tortosa.

La Fontcalda

Fuentes del Algar, Alicante

Finally we bring you this marvel, which despite having to pay (3 euros for kids, 4 euros for adults), is worth visiting as it excellently preserves the environment but also integrates tourist services and environmental education. Additionally, since 2002 it has been declared a protected Wetland. Nearby we find the town of Alfaz del Pi with a great hotel especially for families.

Fuentes del Algar

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