10 Places that should be declared World Heritage Sites of Spain

Spain has forty-four cultural assets declared as World Heritage. The third country in the world with the most world heritage sites after China and Italy. The list of goods that aspire to acquire the status of World Heritage is known as an indicative list. In the case of Spain this list amounts to 30 more places. Here we list ten of them. Which ones do you think should be declared first? Which one is your favorite?

The Roman Greek city of Ampurias

Ciudad greco-romana de Ampurias (Tarragona)

In Tarragona, the only Greek colony in Spain.

Trujillo, Monfrague and Plasencia

Acueducto de Plasencia (Cáceres)

A good natural-cultural mix of exceptional value that would add to a region with great monumental wealth such as Extremadura.

Castel of Loarre

Castillo de Loarre (Huesca)

The largest of the Aragonese castles, built by the king Sancho el Mayor (1020-1030).

The Renaissance Cathedral of la Asunción de Jaen

Catedral renacentista de la Asunción (Jaén)

Work of Andres del Vandelvira – his masterpiece after working in Ubeda and Baeza.

The Ribeira Sacra

La Ribeira Sacra (Lugo)

A place with an enchanting charm that envelopes pre-Romanesque, Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque monuments. The humidity and the lush provides a special atmosphere to this route of incalculable monumental value.

The Royal ways of la Mesta

Cañadas Reales de la Mesta

They form an intricate network of roads that in addition to livestock uses, are blessed with countless artistic, historical and social values because of the towns that they pass through.

The Romanesque in the north of Castile

Monasterio de San Andrés de Arroyo (Palencia)

The territory that mainly comprises the North of Palencia and the South of Cantabria houses the greatest concentration of Romanesque art of Europe.

The winds mill

Molinos de viento de Consuegra (Toledo)

These mills were used by the Arabs who although did not invent them, perfected them. The absence of large rivers made them prosper in Spain. Do not forget to visit the mills of Consuegra y Campo de Criptana.

Roman roadways

Calzada romana de Mérida (Badajoz)

Currently in Spain, one of the most comprehensive network of Roman roads in all of Europe is conserved.

Parque de El Retiro (Madrid)

A palatial garden essence of Madrid, and the best art gallery in the world.

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