Beermad: When The Most Artisanal Beers Come to Madrid

This June, the Beermad 2018, a brewing festival, comes to Madrid, where it will be celebrated in the Caja Mágico on the 8th-10th . They serve 150 styles of beer in the Mercado de la Cerveza Artesana in 100 stalls with dozens of variations of the beverage.

Visitors can taste handcrafted, Spanish beers from master brewers. Beermad also brings us low-fermented beer, commonly known as Lager. You will find distinct styles of ale, a highly fermented beer, like Pale Ale, Weizen, Saison, Porters, Brown Ale, and Amber Ale. You will become familiar with the fabrication process and its characteristics. Spanish and Madrid brands will be at this festival.

La Virgen, nacida en 2011 en Las Rozas (Madrid), es otra de las marcas que participa en el Beermad

This event will also feature international brewers, thanks to Founders, Oedipus, Brew Dog, Pilsner, Kozel, North Brewing Co., Brouwerij De Molen, and Mean Sardine Brewery. If you happen to be the designated driver, or if you don’t like beer, you can taste sodas that are like beer, but they don’t have the alcohol or gluten.

Food and beer almost always come together, and Beermad is no exception. Street food comes to the festival along with the clothing stalls: the caravans of street food. Some of the plates that you can try in the 16 stands are “molletes de carne mechada” (a sort of meat pie), empanadas, and hamburgers, as well as bocadillos de calamares (fried squid Poboy), papas arrugadas (boiled potatoes), croquettes, pinchos de tortilla de patata, cheeses, and Iberian products (jamón ibérico).

Beermad also brings us an extensive program of workshops where thematic tastings, beer and cheese pairings, and cooking shows are the big attractions. To participate, you have to sign up for each activity ahead of time, and the price can vary from 15 to 20 euros. Even the little ones can enjoy Beermad with the kids workshops, in which they make beads and clay figures. These activities will cost around 4 euros per hour.

You absolutely can’t miss the musical lineup of Beermad 2018 either. At this venue, you can enjoy music from the best live artists and groups from Madrid. Cañones y Mantequilla, Papawanda, and Charly & The Coconuts just some of the 12 performers that will play during the festival.

Beermad 2018 Schedule:

  • Friday, June 8th 5-12 PM
  • Saturday, June 9th 12 AM- 12 PM
  • Sunday, June 10th 12 AM- 6 PM

Anticipated Entrance Prices:

  • General Admission for 1 Day: 5 €
  • 3 Day Pass: 8 €

Prices at the Box Office:

  • General Entrance: 6 €

Buying a ticket both in advance and at the box office gets you an official Beermad glass, a market map (as well as one for the breweries in Madrid), a raffle ticket for a weekend trip, a trip to brewery, and a sample and a token for your first tasting.

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