Sleep in Puebla de Sanabria

Sleep in Puebla de Sanabria

The old square of Puebla de Sanabria, where you can see the castle and the church, is the starting point to visit the Sanabria Lake Natural Park. The main attractions of this village are the Homenaje Tower, the Ecomuseum and the San Cayetano’s Hermitage. If you visit Puebla de Sanabria, take the opportunity to visit the Sanabria Lake, the biggest glacial lake of Spain.

If you plan to stay in Puebla de Sanabria, here are our suggestions.

One of the best places to stay in Puebla de Sanabria is the Las Treixas hotel, a XIV century refurbished building. The decoration is chic and the style is modern. The walls are decorated with plants. There is a spa with a steam bath and a power shower, for an additional fee.

The Parador de Puebla de Sanabria is a 4 star hotel. The place has a warm and friendly decoration, with a luxury touch. There is a fireplace in the hall, perfect in the winter. Despite not having beautiful views, the Parador is located in a good area and it is close to many things.

Dónde dormir en Puebla de Sanabria
Dónde dormir en Puebla de Sanabria

If you’re looking for an accommodation outside of Puebla de Sanabria, to get to know the area and visit the Sanabria Lake, we recommend you the rural house Luz de Hadas, in Robleda-Cervantes, a few kilometers from the village. The house has a modern decoration with rustic elements, and there is a whirlpool bath.

Dónde dormir en Puebla de Sanabria

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