Sleep in Benavente

Sleep in Benavente

Benavente is a crossroads located between the meseta and the northern lands. It’s famous for the saying “Benavente, buena villa y mejor gente” (“Benavente, beautiful town and even better people”). It has been very important in the history of Spain for being the place of an important peace agreement, the so-called Concordia de Benavente.

If you are in Benevante, you must visit the Caracol Tower and the Santa María del Azogue Church, among other places.

Here you will find the best places to stay in this beautiful town.

Our favourite place to stay in Benavente is the Parador de Benavente, a XII century royal castle recently reformed. The rooms are decorated with tapestries and decorative roofs. The buffet breakfast is complete and very good.

The Hotel Villa de Benavente is a 4 star hotel, located in the very heart of the town, 1o minutes walking from the center. It’s a modern building with 46 rooms and 4 suites with a whirlpool bath. Despite having a simple decoration, the rooms are spacious and comfortable.

The Hotel Santiago is a recent building located in one of the most developed areas of Benavente. The rooms are very chic, the breakfast is plentiful and varied, but it’s not included in the price.

Dónde dormir en Benavente
Dónde dormir en Benavente

If you’re looking  for an accommodation outside the town, we recommend you the Vega del Esla, located in Villaveza del Agua, 12 minutes by car from Benavente. It’s a friendly rural house, with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a toilet. It’s for up to 8 people. There are a porch, a pool and a quite spacious patio.

Dónde dormir en Benavente

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