Sleep in Alba de Tormes

Sleep in Alba de Tormes

Alba de Tormes is located near the ford of the Tormes river, where the House of Álvarez de Toledo settled. Saint Teresa of Ávila and her Carmelite nuns lived here and made Alba de Tormes a mystical place. Its main attractions are the Medieval Bridge and the Carmelite Convent.

If you want to stay in this beautiful village, here are our suggestions.

In Alba de Tormes there are few places to stay. The Hotel Alameda is the only hotel that is located quite close to the historical center. It’s known for its restaurant, that serves homemade food. Next to the hotel you will find a pool, a football pitch and tennis courts. The rooms are quite spacious and some room has a hot tub.

At the other side of the Tormes river we find the Hotel Don Fadrique, that is located 20 minutes from Salamanca. The decoration of the rooms is restrained and chic. The restaurant serves traditional Castilian food with an innovative touch.

Dónde dormir en Alba de Tormes
Dónde dormir en Alba de Tormes

If you are looking for an accommodation in the surroundings of the village, we can recommend a hotel in Mozárbez, located 20 km from Alba de Tormes. The Hotel Mozárbez Salamanca is located a few minutes from Salamanca, so it’s perfect if you want to visit both places. It has vending machines in the hall and the staff is helpful and will inform you about everything.

Dónde dormir en Ciudad Rodrigo

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