Places to Stay in Pasajes de San Juan – Pasai Donibane

Tips on Places to Stay in Pasai Donibane

This coastal port town is made up of four districts—San Pedro, San Juan, Antxo, and Trincherpe—around the Oyarzun River. There are several places of interest in the town, including the colorful Plaza de Santiago and La Piedad Shrine. If you’re looking to stay in Pasai Donibane, below you’ll find our opinions about several of the options to help you make your choice.

Dónde dormir en Pasajes de San Juan
Vista de la localidad
Dónde dormir en Pasajes de San Juan

When it comes to places to stay in Pasai Donibane itself, the only option is Larrabide Mansion, which has five centuries of history and has recently been refurbished. The house has an ecological garden, fruit trees, and free-roaming domestic animals. Its rustic décor and stone walls make it a cozy place to stay.

dormir pasajes san juan larrabide

In the area surrounding Pasai Donibane, there are several places to stay that we think have everything you’ll need for a perfect stay. First of all, there’s Hotel Berri Versalles, which has 24 rooms with minimalist décor as well as a terrace with panoramic views. The hotel is conveniently located near other tourist destinations like Zarautz and Biarritz.

Ten minutes from Pasai Donibane, you can find Hotel Monte Ulía, which is located right near La Zurriola Beach and the Congress Center. The furniture in the rooms is somewhat worn, but it has the essentials. Guests generally have no complaints about their stay, but there is nothing special about this hotel.

dormir pasajes san juan hotel berri versalles
Hotel Berri Versalles
dormir pasajes san juan hotel monte ulia
Hotel Monte Ulía

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