Sleep in Elantxobe – Elanchove

Sleep in Elantxobe - Elanchove

Elantxobe is one of the 19 municipalities part of the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve. Elantxobe is known as “the town that hangs from the cliff,” since the city has been built on the slope of a cliff. If you want to sleep in Elantxobe, below you can find some of our top recommendations.

If you want to stay in the center of Elantxobe, we recommend Itsasmin Ostatua. The location is great for surfing, canoeing, diving, cycling, and fishing on the nearby beaches such as Laga Beach and Laida Beach. If you want a good view, ask for a room on the third floor. Another accommodation worth mentioning is Casa Rural Ogoño Mendi, which is located on the outskirts of the village and has priceless views from the cliffs.

Dónde dormir en Elantxobe

Close to Elanxtobe but beyond its borders you can find Hotel Spa Gametxo, which is located on a hill between the beaches of Laida and Laga in the neighboring village of Ibarrangelu. This hotel was designed for relaxation with amenities like spa services, saunas, and jacuzzis. What makes this option stand out is the detailed service, the breakfast, and the natural surroundings with great views.

The H&AP Rural Merrutxu is another option in Ibarrangelu that offers a unique setting. This rural house is built from an old winery that still has parts of its original structure preserved, such as its wooden beams. Special details about this accommodation include the 24-hour self-serve coffee they have available and the bottle of txakolí (a dry white wine produced in Northern Spain) they usually have in the fridge.

Dónde dormir en Elantxobe
Dónde dormir en Elantxobe

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