Sleep in Castropol

Sleep in Castropol

Castropol is an idyllic place for a walk, with paths throughout the city and beaches, like Penarronda, perfect for an escape after a long day in the city. Here you will also find beautiful buildings with unique construction, which we explain on our page of what to see in Castropol.

We have selected the best places to stay for our readers…

Although there are not many hotels in this town, due to its size and proximity to larger population centers, there are some affordable options that we have gathered.

One original and comfortable way to stay in Castropol is the Apartamentos Rurales El Cercado. They have detailed decorations and exemplary cleanliness all in a natural setting overlooking the Eo River.

Another good option is the Las Fuentes apartments, equipped and furnished for guests to have a great stay. Some apartments even include a whirlpool overlooking the sea.

Simpler, but also practical are the Apartamentos Casa Amable, which as its name indicates, provide wonderful service. The décor in the rooms does not stand out, but it is enough for a pleasant stay.

Dónde dormir en Castropol
Dónde dormir en Castropol

About five kilometers away you will find Casa Peleyón, a place that is amazing from the moment you enter to the moment you leave. It is very rural, with a calming silence, accompanied with great service and a breakfast that will make you want to return.

Something more unique is the Hotel Restaurante Palacete de Penalba, which is charming due to its peculiar décor and services. It is an essential stop if you want to make the most of your trip.

Dónde dormir en Castropol
Dónde dormir en Castropol

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