Court of suitors, princes and kings in the Aragonese border.

This frontier square was a court of pretenders to the throne and princes during its long stage of border splendor (until the personal union of the Catholic Kings). Its medieval appeal is reinforced with urban sculptures, gardens, walks and cultural events related to sculpture.

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You can spend the whole morning exploring the village’s old town, and then stroll through the beautiful gardens with contemporary sculptures and stroll along the Douro River, watching from the bottom of the wall for the morning wall. The rest of the trip can be a day trip to the city of Soria (if you return to Burgos), to Medinaceli (especially if you turn towards Madrid or Zaragoza as you take the road) and Berlanga de Duero and Burgo de Osma (If you return in the direction of Segovia).

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History of Almazán

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Ermita de Jesús Nazareno


Door of the Mercado

Where to sleep in Almazán

As for the establishments where to sleep in Almazán, it is possible to emphasize the hotel Villa de Almazán has beautiful rooms as well as lounges to hold all type of events. Although the best option is to spend the night in the capital about 30 km from this place. Among the most exclusive establishments where to sleep in Soria is the Parador, located in a privileged place, a hill from which it is contemplated a magnificent view of the capital and the river Duero. The Alfonso VIII is in the center of Soria and has 88 spacious rooms equipped with everything necessary to make the stay more pleasant to any type of customer.

Parador de Soria


Hotel Alfonso VIII


What to eat in Almazán

Almazán offers the traveler an unsurpassed Mozarabic environment to enjoy the most traditional cuisine. If you want to know what to eat in Almazán are typical dishes cooked with its ball, blood sausage, vegetables and meat; Garlic soups; The roasted lamb of lamb in shoots or grilled, in chuletitas or stew; Roasts and game stews in season, especially of hare, partridge, quail or pigeon, that in pickle are one of the specialties; Roasted or smoked trout. Pork derivatives (with a natural healing process thanks to the weather) such as sausages, black puddings, ham and torreznos, are ideal for tapas after a walk around the town. Another traditional dish is the crumbs, either with grapes, chocolate or with torreznos and eggs, as well as prepared with mushrooms: níscalos, boletus, mushrooms of thistle, mushrooms and truffles (to mention the best known). Every year the Carnival Tapas Competition is held in the town. In Almazán is also made butter – natural, salty or sweet – that has D.O.P. Soria butter. As for the pastries are very famous Almazán yolks similar to the buds of Santa Teresa de Avila but with a sugar bath on the outside that gives them a harder exterior texture. The centenarian confectionery Almarza that elaborates the yolks since 1820, has recently created a new paste called “zarrón” in homage to the popular personage that appears in the Celebration of San Juan Bailón every 19 of May. Other sweets of the region of Almazán are the sobadillos, mantecados and some pastas called patience.

Receta de sopa de ajo

Where to eat in Almazán

Among the various places where to eat in Almazán the restaurant of the Tirso de Molina hostel, in Plaza Mayor, offers homemade menus with good value for money. At De Tapas Bar they serve a simple and homemade cuisine. The hotel restaurant Villa de Almazán prepares traditional cuisine with regional products and celebrates mycological, vegetable and hunting days. In El Puerto, good tapas. In the Almarza confectionery you will find the yolks and the typical sweets of the Almazán’s bar.

Finally, we leave you with a list of accommodations of where to sleep in Almazán.


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  • Centro de Turismo Rural Estación La Dehesa
  • In Fuentelcarro (5 km)
  • Ca’l Gonzalo
  • Villa de Almazán
  • In Soria (30 km)
  • Sercotel Ciudad de Soria
  • Posada Casa Del Cura
  • Alfonso VIII
  • Parador de Soria
  • In Soria (30 km)
  • Cadosa