The Sun City.

This city is well known for its extraordinary weather, beach, and gastronomy. However, it also has important archeological sites, museums and castles. Ven a España !!! Visit Spain !!!

Plan your stay in Alicante.

Things to do in Alicante often involve the beach. However, there are more things to do in this marvelous city such as getting to know the museums and enjoy the culture of the people there. For example, you may want to take some time to see the flamingos and other birds in the Salinas of Santa Pola and El Hondo Park (in Santa Pola), or pay a visit to the amazing Tabarca island. For a half-day activity, we would recommend visiting Xixona, or to spend an entire day in Elche.

We start our visit in España Esplanade, a promenade with 400 palm trees: an area full of markets and an auditorium. Nearby, buildings such as Carbonell House (1924), Lamaignere House, Alicante’s Casino are also worth a visit. Also here you can see the famous Portal Nou (which leads to the old Jewish Quarter) or walk around the beautiful Gómiz Promenade.

From the promenade you can go to Santa Bárbara Castle, located on top of a hill. Many different civilizations resided there, such as the Romans, Arabs, and Christians. During the War of Succession, a mine broke almost half of the castle, which facilitated its remodel, but that was not the first time. Castilians built the Ingleses Tower; Muslims built the Homage Tower, the Habsburg built Santa Bárbara Chapel… The castle houses the Hogueras of San Juan Museum, which deals with ninots, pictures and festivals from the region -we also highlight the Medieval Museum there, dealing with the Middle Ages in the region. Concerning some other important museum, The Archeological Museum of Alicante has different interesting pieces such as the Dama of the Cabezo Lucero, coetaneous of the Dama de Elche.


Alicante’s Town Hall

Some other main sights which you should not miss are Santa María Church (1264), a Gothic style building, which houses the Contemporary Art Museum of Alicante and the Asegurada House Museum. Also, the San NIcolás de Bari Co-cathedral (17th century) is a must for those who want to know about the architecture of this city.

Next to the cathedral you must see the Jesuit Royal School (18th century), and the Garrigós’ Well housing the Ceramic Museum. The Town Hall, Baroque style (18th century), is also worth seeing. It holds inside a chapel of Manises tiles and the Blue Room. If you walk through San Agustín street, you can have the the Belenes Museum (devoted to decoration for Christmas). In the Gravina Palace (12th century), you can visit the Fine Arts Museum, which deals with artists of the city ranging from the 19th century to now.

San Fernardo Castle was built upon the Tossal Mountain during the Independence War: it offers amazing views of the city. Do not miss Santa Faz Monastery (18th century), which is located 8 km away from the city center. It has a beautiful altarpiece from the Renaissance period. On the coastal road, heading to San Juan Beach, you will find the Roman Site so-called Lucentum.



San Nicolás de Bari Cathedral


Views from the Castle

Where to sleep in Alicante

You can find many accommodation options in Alicante. Spa Porta Maris has 141 totally equipped rooms, plus a pool, a massage service, a restaurant, and a spa. Amerigo, built in a historical building, has 81 complete rooms and several luxury services. NH Alicante is the perfect place to stay if you want to have a good service together with facilities such as a restaurant, a pool, a gym or a meeting hall. Meliá Alicante has 545 rooms facing the Postigues Beach, and it is fitted with services such as a restaurant and a meeting hall. AC Alicante is another place you may want to consider: the perfect rooms together with a gym and a meeting hall. Lucentum is a modern establishment located in the city center; fitted with amazing services such as a meeting hall, a gym and a sauna.

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What to eat in Alicante

Where to eat in Alicante

Nightlife: pubs and night clubs in Alicante

Ven a España !!! Visit Spain !!!

Finally, we present you a list of hotels where you can spend the night in Alicante as well as some restaurants and bars you shouldn’t miss!

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