Recipe for Quesada Pasiega Dessert

A great quesada pasiega recipe to eat fresh. The quesada pasiega is a traditional dessert from the Pasiegos Valleys in Cantabria. Vega de Pas and Selaya are some of the towns where this dessert originated. The recipe was originally made […]

Terraces in Madrid

terrazas madrid

When there is good weather, the sidewalks become terraces and in some local areas new spaces with gardens appear. Today we review some of the best terraces for summer afternoons in Madrid. El Jardín de Orfila This intimate and calm […]

5 Romantic Restaurants in Madrid

restaurantes románticos madrid

Any place can be romantic if you are alongside your special person and good food. But today we have an overview of five restaurants that have a particularly special and intimate atmosphere. Vinoteca Moratín Vinoteca Moratín is a small house […]

Fresh Drinks to Beat the Heat

When it starts to get hot we all want to have a fresh drink in our hands. Some are very nutritious, like horchata and lemon granizado, and others refreshing, like sangria and tinto de verano. No one can refuse one […]

Recipe for Squid Ink Bread

Does it surprise you that this bread is homemade? It is possible! With this recipe for squid ink bread, you will leave your friends and family speechless. The most original recipe and full of flavor. Have you seen black bread? […]

The most curious museums in Spain

These are rarities, places dedicated to something that nobody noticed or just curiosities spread across Spain. We have all stumbled upon some of these sites and have asked “What…?”. They are curious museums in spain, there is a wide variety of […]